“Great Daughter of the Huntress and the Wild King, Guide my arms to vict’ry and lay waste to the corrupt! Guide my arrows and darts to my enemy’s heart. Lure their plots and allies unto their end so that their crimes will see day’s light so justice and honor will ascend! Dassonarta Tancona, may those who break oathes and defile what is good be cut down.”

The wild Graces of Dassonarta-Tancona are hard to follow. Dassonarta, Daughter of Artiú and Artaios. The One Who Waits, Goddess of the Warriors rage. Tancona the Vixen who lures the dissolute fool into complacency before their end. The Goddess of Lunar visions and ways. The Mistress of ambush and a Cultor of passion. The Commander of Rage, Lady in the Storms and bitter mercy. Keeper of oathes and calls for revenge.

Dassonarta is a Goddess of rare and whispered repute. She is to beseeched for her aid against occupiers and corrupt magistrates and ways to unseat corrupt officials. She is both the bear and the fox. The honored warrior and brazened killer beneath a friendly face. She is the enraged wife, the brazened sister, she is the rabid avenger and bane to those who would spurn the wounded and downtrodden. She fights alongside the warrior who knows he will die, she fights alongside the spurned sons and daughters of repute and virtue. Poor or rich she is the matron to the unspoken and betrayed. She is a warrior of rage and emotion. She is the Shield of the Outcasted

Tancona the vixen is her calm and nurturing side. When you enbibe mead or wine, with or without other influences, she is the Goddess of release, mistress of emotion and passion. Keeper of secrets and guardian of hidden paths. She guards the internal gates. She guides the wounded soul to the healing spring and sends the wayward to ponder with Sirona or to the tutelage of Lugus. She gives the philosopher and wayward the way to Artaois.

Young or old, her word strikes deep with her lessons eternal. She is harsh but fair, yet if you call to her she will answer but to ignore her advice and care is to invite pain and despair. She provides healing to those she deems worthy of her time.

Don’t raise your weapon to take from the broken and abused.

Fight like you’ve nothing to lose.

If you’re on the defense, mercy is not to be shown to your attacker.

Be driven with your goals, only relent if the cost is too high.

Know when to relax.

Fight like a brazened parent to protect your loved ones.


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