Artaios the Wild King

“Hail to you oh Wild King Artaios! Lord in the mountains and maker of Kings! Lord of Magics and Mentor in the Wilds, He who sits under the Oak and Speaker of Dreams!”

Artaios is the Lord of Magic from the Wild Hearth, he guides the wayward to their path. Teaching skill and magic to those who ask. He who advises from the streams. Lord Artaois is rarely seen.

The wayward Bear God, we only know him from an inscription, so he would have us think. He’s like Odin or Woden in that he can be seen and spoken with face to face. You have to hike and wander to catch a glimpse of him. Sometimes he grants healing or provides a way to heal. He is the Lord of the Wilds. He laid with Artio and gave rise to Dassonarta and Malatucadros. Some may disagree but that’s my understanding. If you see him, he is a kind wanderer usually in the shade of a pine, spruce or oak. He might invite you to drink or smoke with idle chat. He won’t harm you unless you show considerable disrespect. He presides on ethics and within debate he delights. He is fair and calm but if spurned he will be your end. He takes hospitality seriously and tests his hosts. He’s quite merciful with his guests. He cares for those lost in the wilds, should they succumb in the woods he sends them to Carnonos after conversing for a while.

Speak honestly.

Do not betray trust.

Stand for your principles but do not force them on others.

Be the person you want to meet.

Do not make others suffer at the behest of those in your circle, lest the target has done you harm.

Show compassion.

Be firm but fair with those who do not listen or understand.

Live and let live.


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